Blog Name Ideas: 10 Easy Ways to Find the Best Blog Names


Blog name ideas can be tough to come up with. After all, you have to squeeze the niche and purpose of your blog into a few measly words, right?


Even worse, just when you think you’ve found THE ONE, you find out it’s already been taken…ugh.


But no worries!


This guide will show you how to kick the overwhelm to the curb and easily find awesome blog name ideas in minutes.


Ready to nail the perfect blog name and start your blogging journey out on the right foot?


Great, let’s get started!



1) Create Blog Name Ideas With Your Audience in Mind


Before you decided to start a blog, you probably thought about who your target audience would be.


So when you’re thinking up blog name ideas, focus on your target audience first. Thinking about who you want to reach with your blog will instantly make the blog naming process much easier.


Grab a pen and paper and write out exactly


-what your blog is about


-who your blog’s target audience is


-what that audience is looking for/interested in learning about


From those answers, you’ll be able to narrow down some fantastic blog name ideas.


I’ll show you some examples of how this works:


If you’re starting a productivity blog for busy work at home moms:


Your blog is about: productivity tips and ideas to help busy work at home moms achieve more in less time


Your blog’s target audience is: busy work at home moms seeking help with organization and productivity


Your blog’s target audience is looking for: productivity tips, organization tips, ideas about working at home successfully, simplifying, balancing motherhood and work etc.


Now you’d just go through and make a list of keywords from this information.


For example:




-work at home mom (or WAHM)


















After that, you can mix and match these words, or add in some adjectives to create unique blog name ideas.


For example:


– “simplifymomsuccess”


– “busywahmbalance”


– “wahmsuccessideas”


Or say your food blog’s audience is budget keto dieters who want easy recipes.


Your blog is about: keto on a budget, cost-effective recipes, health and wellness


Your blog’s target audience is: keto dieters who want to succeed at getting fit on a budget


Your audience wants: easy keto recipes that won’t break the bank



In this case, your list of keywords might be:





















And you could mix and match to get something like:






– “budgetketowellness”



See how easy it is to find relevant blog name ideas once you get your target audience and keywords in place?


Try this with your niche and audience and you’ll be coming up with your own blog name ideas in no time!


(Quick disclaimer: I thought of these name ideas off the top of my head for this post just now, so I haven’t checked if they’re available or not. Make sure to check any domain name’s availability beforehand!)


2) Add Catchy Words for the Best Blog Name Ideas


Ever seen a blog name that you just HAD to click on?


That’s probably because it contained catchy words.


Certain words and phrases naturally grab our attention and make us click! They appeal to our emotions and make themselves impossible to ignore.


As a result, using these words in your blog’s name is a super smart way to set yourself up for success.


Some catchy words include “you”, “new”, “instant”, “success”,”powerful”, “trick” and “secret”.


Add a couple of these catchy words to your blog name, along with specific audience-relevant keywords.


For instance, in the case of the keto budget food blog I mentioned above, you could add catchy words to create names like:








Need help finding more of these awesome catchy words?


Check out this post for my list of appealing catchy words and phrases to use for blog name ideas, headlines, and more!


And don’t forget to download your free blog name ideas worksheet printable. It’s packed with catchy words for every major blogging niche, so you can find a great blog name in minutes!


Blog Name Ideas Generator Worksheet


3) Use a Blog Name Generator for Better Blog Name Ideas


I know what you’re thinking: “How is some automated generator supposed to randomly come up with the perfect blog name for me?”


But the truth is, blog name generators can actually deliver some pretty decent blog name results.


When you’re totally clueless about where to start with naming your blog, these generators can help you brainstorm.


And every once in a while, you might even find a real gem by using one.


Blog name generators help you come up with unique blog name ideas based on the keywords your provide.


These keywords could include your blog niche or words and topics your target audience is interested in.


In addition, some blog name generators will even check to see if the domain names are available for the blog names they suggest!


This saves you a huge chunk of time and effort, since you won’t have to manually check availability for every option.


Simply type in your preferred keywords and most blog name generators will do the rest. They’ll pull up exact match (if the domain names are available) and alternate or related blog name ideas for you to choose from.


While you’re probably not going to find the perfect blog name right away, blog name generators are a great place to start. They’ll help you build a list of high-potential blog name ideas and get you closer to finding the perfect name for your blog.


I’d recommend starting your name search off with quality blog name generators like Panabee or Domain Wheel.


Blog Name Ideas, Blog Name Generator Panabee


4) Try a Business Name Generator for More Ideas


If you’re not finding what you need with blog name generators, I’d recommend trying a business name generator.


Like blog name generators, business name generators take the keywords you type in and turn them into hundreds of potential names.


While these aren’t blog names, per se, you can definitely use them for your blog by removing the spaces. You can then add a domain extension like .com or .co and suddenly, you’ve got your blog name!


Once you’ve got your list of potential blog names ideas, be sure to go through and check domain availability.


Some great free business name generators to help you find a blog name include:

Blog Name Ideas, Business Blog Name Generator Shopify


Shopify’s Business Name Generator: This handy tool allows you to type in a topic or keyword that’s relevant to your brand. It then spits out a bunch of names using that topic or keyword for you to choose from.

You can use this easy name generator to find your actual blog name or give you a great starting point.


Namelix Blog Name Ideas Generator, Business Names


Namelix: Namelix does more than your average business or blog name generator. Once you’ve typed in your keywords, you’ll get a list of potential biz or blog names with related words. But you’ll also get a list of ready-made logos to go with those names.

Besides that, Namelix will also let you know whether the domain names are available for sale!


5) Consider Branded Blog Name Ideas


If you don’t love the sound of any relevant keyword-based names, consider choosing a branded blog name.


Unlike keyword-based blog names, branded blog names don’t necessarily contain any information about the blog’s topic or tone.


One example of a famous branded name is “Crazy Egg”.


The name may not mean much, but it hasn’t stopped the Crazy Egg brand and its blog from becoming marketing leaders.


It might seem like a risk, but sometimes going with a “meaningless”, highly memorable name is actually the best route.


While branded names sound awesome, they don’t tell you anything about what the site actually does.


This means that your blog’s name won’t limit your tone, content, or even your future plans.


On the other hand, a highly specific/meaningful name can stop you from changing direction or exploring new topics.


6) Use Your Own Name


Another great alternative to both keyword-based and branded blog names is to use your own name.


Some of the biggest bloggers online have done this with massive success.


One excellent example is Neil Patel.


His marketing blog provides useful advice on everything from blogging to sales, so having a super specific name could limit his content.


Instead, he uses his own name and has built it into a recognized online brand.


If you want to be able to cover a wide range of topics with freedom, using your own name for your blog is your best bet.


Using your own name as your blog’s name is also smart if you want to be the face of your brand.


Do you often write about your own experiences and opinions?  


Are you a lifestyle or health and wellness blogger?  


Do you plan on expanding your blog into a YouTube channel at some point?


Is your blog a home base for your coaching, freelancing, or similar service-based business?


If you answered “yes” to any of the above, a personal brand name would likely work well for you.


That’s because a personal name adds a human touch and encourages readers to connect with you on a personal level.


The best part about blogging under your own name?


You can re-invent your blog and switch niches whenever you need to, without the hassle of changing your domain name!



7) Add Filler Words for Unique Blog Name Ideas


Found the perfect name for your blog, but it’s already taken?


Don’t stress! If you can add a filler word to the domain name, you might be able to use your dream blog name after all.


Filler words like “a” or “the” can be hugely helpful when thinking up blog name ideas.


These little words may not add a lot of meaning to your blog’s name, but they can help you turn a taken name into an available one.


For example, while “travelstyleblogger” might be taken (I haven’t checked), maybe “thetravelstyleblogger” or “atravelstyleblogger” isn’t.


Adding a short filler word is the easiest way to get around domain unavailability.



8) Try Blog Name Ideas that Convey Your Tone


While it doesn’t matter as much as your content, your blog’s name does contribute to how readers will perceive your blog.


So it’s worth thinking about the tone you want to convey.


Want readers to see your blog as a fun, upbeat brand?


Then consider using blog name ideas that express that, like:


– Pop


– Zing


– Quirk


Going for a more solid, professional tone?


Try adding words to your blog’s name like:


– Inc


– Co


– Source



9) Make Sure Your Blog Name Ideas’ Social Handles are Available


This one’s super important. Making sure your blog name ideas have available social media handles is essential.


So if you’ve found an amazing blog name, don’t rush to buy it just yet!


Instead, make sure social handles with that name haven’t already been taken on Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms.


If possible, exact match social handles are ideal. This way, your social accounts will be easy to find and your audience won’t be confused.


But even if your exact blog’s name isn’t available, make sure that a close match is.


After all, what’s the point in a great blog name if you can’t use and promote it across social media?


Luckily, you can find out whether your chosen blog name’s domain and social media names are available across all the major platforms.


Simply head to namechk and type in your name.


Blog Name Ideas, Blog Name Generator Availability Checker


This tool will let you know whether your domain and social media handles are available in seconds.


Social media name not available? Don’t give up just yet. You can add a prefix or short word to make it work.


For example, add a “hello” or “the” to the front of the name to create an available social media name.



10) Brainstorm for Creative Blog Name Ideas


It’s easy to get freaked out when trying to think up awesome blog name ideas. You feel like all the good ones have already been taken and your blog’s entire future depends on its name


But the truth is, the more you stress about it, the less likely you’ll be to find your ideal blog name.


Instead of limiting your creativity by comparing your ideas to other blogs, try freely brainstorming.


Take out a pen and piece of paper and start jotting down what comes to mind when you think of your blog’s niche or topic.


Don’t worry about being too specific at first because that will limit your creativity. Just focus on turning off your inner critic and writing.


After you’ve filled the page, don’t look at it right away.


Instead, do something totally different — go for a run, do some dishes, anything but stress about blog names.


Finally, return to the page and look at it with new eyes.


While you probably won’t return to find that you’ve already created your dream name, you’ll definitely find some great ideas to begin with.


Pick out the best ideas and use a thesaurus to help you come up with as many relevant synonyms for each as possible.


By now, you should have a list of some high potential blog name ideas.


Choose your favorites and then try them out with endings like:


– HQ












– Secrets


When you’ve found the perfect combination of blog niche-related word and ending, you’ve just created your blog name!



Don’t Stress Over Finding Blog Name Ideas


Coming up with blog name ideas can be one of the trickiest parts of starting a blog.


You want a blog name that’s as memorable, catchy, and creative as all of the other great names out there.


And it’s way too easy to get lost in comparing your ideas to your favorite blogs.


But don’t let this step slow you down or leave you stuck.


Keep in mind that a great blog isn’t defined by its name. Your content and ability to brand and market your blog are the real keys to your success.


Use these simple tips to easily think up blog name ideas and avoid getting hung up on the process. The important thing is to get started on your blogging journey, so you can build blog growth as soon as possible.


Want a little extra help? Grab my free blog name ideas printable! It’s packed with catchy words, blog name formulas, and worksheets to help you find the blog name of your dreams!

Just click on the blue link to download instantly, no email required.


Blog Name Ideas Generator Worksheet

Blog Name Ideas Formulas , Brainstorming Worksheet



 If you already have a blog, how did you come up with blog name ideas for it?  We’d love to hear about it! Be sure to share  down below!