Looking for the best fonts for logos?

You’re in luck! In this post, we’ll be looking at the top free fonts to use in your logo design.

While visual elements like your emblem and brand colors matter, picking the right font will help take your logo to the next level.

And in case you were wondering how important a good logo really is, wonder no more:

Research shows that when your logo matches the rest of your branding and your company’s overall image more accurately, customers are actually willing to pay a higher price for your products!

Your logo can help convince customers that your brand is high-quality and worth trying, but for that to happen, every aspect of your design has to be on point and in harmony. And that includes your lettering and font choices.

So whether you’re going for an ultra-sleek modern effect or want a playful, romantic design to represent your brand, this list will help you find the perfect font to bring your logo design to life.

Plus, I’ve organized these fonts by categories like “minimalist”, “feminine” , “classic” etc, to make it even easier for you to zero in on the best fonts for your logo.

Ready to find your dream font and create a gorgeous logo design?

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Best Fonts for Logos

Best Fonts for Logos: Fashion and Lifestyle Brands

If you want a font that will bring a glossy, editorial feel to your logo, look no further! These top picks have been used in lifestyle and fashion logos across the globe:


With its classic serif lines balanced by a modern roundness, Bodoni is one of the best fonts for logos for fashion and lifestyle brands.

It gives off a strong polished, editorial feel, making it perfect for trend-focused brands of any type. And if you do decide to use Bodoni for your logo, you’ll be in stylish company. This font has been a firm favorite of big name fashion brands like Vogue for years!

Bodoni works especially well in an elegant black logo against a white or light-colored background.

Best Fonts for Logos, Bodoni

Abril Fatface:

Inspired by 19th century advertisements, the Abril Fatface font is perfect for getting your fashion-driven brand’s logo out there.

This rounded, bouncy font is where traditional meets playful. With its thick circular shapes and more reserved serifs, it strikes a great balance between classy and contemporary.

Try using the Abril Fatface font if you’re going for a brand logo that’s fun and welcoming, with a touch of gravitas.

Abril Fatface Font Branding

Playfair Display:

Here’s yet another gorgeous serif, editorial style font for lifestyle-focused brands. Playfair Display works best as a font for a text-heavy logo, to show off its balanced, beautiful shapes.

Fonts for Logo Design, Playfair Display Fashion & Lifestyle

Best Fonts for Logos: Sans-serif fonts for fashion and lifestyle brands

While the serif look has been used and loved by major brands like Louis Vuitton and Vogue, there’s also a growing trend of using bold sans-serif fonts for fashion and lifestyle logos.

Recently, brands like Burberry and Céline, have made the leap towards a stronger, more youthful all-caps sans-serif logo.

Some sans-serif fonts that definitely make the grade for a bold, fresh, fashionable logo include:


Lato Bold


Best Fonts for Logos: Fonts for Minimalist Brand Logos

If your brand is clean, modern, and minimal, you’ll likely want to choose a sleek, contemporary font to match.

Minimalist fonts have been gaining popularity lately, and there are a ton to choose from. When searching for the ultimate minimalist logo font, look for:

  • Strong, straight lines and edges that give off a modern, in-control feel
  • Fonts that boast a lot of white space
  • Fonts with one or two interesting design details but without any unnecessary or overwhelming flourishes
  • Lighter fonts that convey a sense of openness

With these characteristics in mind, try these minimal top font picks for a pared back, ultra-cool logo:

Bebas Neue:

The Bebas Neue font boasts tall, clean lines in a spare, restrained style. This font is an ideal choice for brands with an open, contemporary image. Use it to inject some serious minimal chic into your logo.

Julius Sans One:

Got a sleek minimalist brand? Julius Sans One is the perfect font pick to convey that image in your logo. I’d recommend you use this fine, lightweight font in a light color against a dark background, for maximum visibility and impact.


Raleway is a thin, elegant minimalist font with enough quiet classiness to elevate any brand’s logo. While this sans-serif font looks great in lowercase, it really shines in all capitals.

Raleway features a distinctive “R” and beautiful overlapping “W”, so if your logo includes either of these letters, this might be the perfect font choice for you!

Best Fonts for Logos: Fonts for Feminine Brand Logos

If your branding has a bold, feminine flair, you’re in luck! There’s no shortage of fonts for logos that can help you express those design values perfectly.

These types of fonts work particularly well for:

  • Beauty, lifestyle, and fashion brands
  • Bridal vendors
  • Photographers
  • Life coaching businesses
  • Blog brands and even social media marketing/management businesses.

Feminine fonts can vary from chic minimalism to handwritten scripts with tons of flourish, so what you choose will depend on your specific brand.

But I’ve gathered a short list of the best feminine fonts for logos, to help you get started:


The Parisienne font is ideal for brands that want to get across a fun, feminine feel in their logo with just a touch of classic romance. With rolling cursive letters that hold a hint of irregularity, Parisienne can be styled to look more modern than many other popular script fonts.


Sofia is a feminine script font that offers a slightly quirky, special look. Unlike most script fonts, it is upright rather than slanting and has a rounded, carefree feel. If you want a friendly feminine logo font that stands out in all the right ways, Sofia is a great choice.

Pinyon Script:

If you want your branding to have a classically romantic look, consider using the Pinyon Script font for your logo. Pinyon Script has a hand-written slanting appearance and is high contrast, making it great for monogram logos.

With showy swashes and loops and a polished finish, this font will bring the best of feminine styling to your logo.

Mr De Haviland:

Try Mr De Haviland for a handwritten script font that looks like it came straight from the pen of an expert calligrapher. This elegant feminine font offers your brand’s logo a custom, unique look that’s hard to find among free fonts.

Best Fonts for Logos: Fonts for Vintage Retro Brand Logos

If your brand is cool in an old-school vintage way, these retro fonts will definitely elevate your logo to match.

With distinctive swoops, thick chubby lettering, and plenty of cute kitschy touches, retro fonts can help you create a logo with tons of vintage appeal.


Got a brand that’s all about that beachy, California surfer feel? Then Pacifico is the perfect font to use in your logo.This script font has a laid-back but cheerful look that makes for an irresistible logo.


This classic font packs a dramatic punch, with lettering that brings back the appeal of 1930s and‘40s film posters. And Yellowtail is all about form AND function. Its thick flat-brush letters are both gorgeous and easy to read!


This thin, light font manages to convey a lot of classic 1950s style in its bouncy rounded lines. The Sacramento font was specifically designed to perform well in large headlines, making it the perfect choice for a bold, off-beat logo.


This casual brushed script font will inject a dose of retro cool into your branding. It has an array of uniquely shaped letters but I would especially recommend it for your logo if your brand’s name starts with an “L”. In particular, opt for a capital “L” to show off this font’s retro chic letter styling.

Choosing the Best Font for Your Logo Design: The Most Important Step

With so many fonts out there to choose from, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and end up going for what everyone else is using. But that would mean missing a huge opportunity to brand yourself and really stand out.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to what your brand is really about. The best fonts for logos are those that help your audience instantly “get” and click with your brand’s values on sight.

Whether you go for feminine and fresh or opt for sleek minimalism, choose a font logo that speaks to your target audience and gives them an unmistakable impression of your brand.  


Found your ideal font logo in this list? Or feel like we missed a few amazing options?


Let us know down below — what are some of your top choices for the best fonts for logos?