Divi Fonts and Combinations for a Gorgeous Site


Divi fonts are one of the best perks of using the Divi theme.


The Divi text module offers you every single Google font (over 900 fonts) at your fingertips, making choosing the perfect font a breeze!


Want even more options? No problem! Divi allows you to upload your own fonts as well.


The downside to having all of these options is that it can be tough to narrow down what you’re looking for.


But in this quick guide, I’ll help you choose from the vast selection of Divi fonts to achieve practically any look or style you want.


Plus, we’ll look at the very best Divi fonts combinations to give your site a professionally branded feel.


(Side note: While this guide focuses on fonts for Divi, all of the fonts below are free Google fonts, so you can use them even if you’re not running the Divi theme!)


Alright, let’s get started!



Best Divi Fonts for an Elegant Effect:






-Sans serif font

-18 font styles


Raleway is an elegant font that really shines when used in all-caps. Capitalization allows its unique features, like its intricately crafted criss-crossing “w”, to come through. But while Raleway has lots to show off, it also manages to be clear and easy to read.

This Divi font is recommended for websites and blogs going for a high-end minimal feel with a touch of the traditional.


Recommended Divi fonts combinations: Try pairing Raleway with Roboto Slab for a more approachable look, or choose Merriweather for a formal effect.


Raleway Merriweather Divi Fonts, Google Fonts







-Serif font

-4 font styles


Looking for an elegant but friendly Divi font? Lora is a great choice. This serif font is both decorative and easy on the eyes, making it perfect for both headings and body text. Like most serif fonts, Lora has a formal effect. But its rounded letters make it versatile enough to use on any site.


Recommended Divi fonts combinations: Because Lora has a bit of a flourish to it, I think it pairs best with a simpler font like Open Sans.


Lora. Open Sans Divi Fonts Combination







-Serif font

-8 font styles



Vollkorn is a serif font with a classic understated elegance. Its bold variation is awesome for large, in-your-face titles. But Vollkorn Regular works well as a formal headline font or body text font.


Recommended Divi fonts combinations: Pair Vollkorn with a clean, modern font like Lato to balance it out for a more contemporary look.


Vollkorn and Lato, Divi fonts combinations


Best Modern, Minimalist Divi Fonts:


Going for a sleek, minimalist effect? Try these pared back Divi fonts:







-Sans serif font

-10 font styles



Lato is a hugely popular choice for anyone looking for a modern font. That’s because it balances the warmth and friendliness of slightly rounded letters with a structured look.


You can use Lato for body text, to ensure maximum readability. Or use it in titles for a striking but simple look.


Recommended Divi fonts combinations: Combine Lato with another equally sleek font like Oswald to get a truly modern look, or pair it with an all-rounder like Open Sans.


Lato Google font on Divi


Fjalla One:




-Sans serif font

-1 font style



Fjalla One is a sans serif font that provides a clean contemporary look with a unique twist. It has a slightly compressed, narrow appearance that makes it great for eye-catching headlines.


Plus, it offers a medium contrast, so it’s super easy to read. I’d recommend using it on important title and heading areas that need tons of attention.


Recommended Divi fonts combinations: Pair the sleekness of Fjalla One with the slightly rounded lines of Montserrat, for a modern but welcoming look.








-Sans serif font

-18 font styles


Want a modern Divi font that still looks approachable? Try out Montserrat! This extremely popular Google font is a good choice if you’re looking to brand your site as contemporary and minimalist, but still friendly.


Its low, rounded letters give off a straightforward and open look. And because Montserrat scores high on readability, it’s an unbeatable choice for body text.


Recommended Divi fonts combinations: Combine Montserrat with Roboto to highlight the font’s friendly feel. Or why not add a bit of contrast by pairing a Montserrat body with a Fjalla One headline?


Montserrat Divi Fonts Combinations, Google Fonts







-Sans serif font

-6 font styles



Oswald is a bold narrow sans serif font that conveys an ultra-modern clean feel with just a touch of mid-century modern styling.


It works best in headlines and titles and really comes to life when displayed in all caps.


Use Oswald to brand your site as established, confident, and pared back.


Recommended Divi fonts combinations: Try pairing Oswald with a more rounded font like Montserrat or Lato for an interesting juxtaposition.


Oswald font on divi



The Best Script Divi Fonts:


Script fonts are super popular right now. They add a customized, hand-crafted look to your blog or website and give it a professionally branded feel.


Unfortunately, it’s tough to wade through all 900+ available Google fonts on Divi to find the perfect script or handwritten font for you. Plus, there are a lot of not-so-great script fonts to scroll through before you find the real gems.


But no worries! I’ve done the hard work for you and created a quick list of the very best script Divi fonts for you to use on your site or next design project.





The Pacific font is one of my absolute favorite script fonts on Divi. It’s got a cool retro style and lots of friendly, bouncy curves to it, making it awesome for a fresh, fun brand.


Pacifico Script Divi Fonts





Looking for a script font that captures that classic 1950s feel? Cookie is definitely the one! This brush calligraphy-style font is one of the best Divi fonts options for a script font that is both eye-catching and easy to read.


Cookie Divi Fonts, Google Script Fonts


Lobster Two:


Lobster Two is another brushed script font with tons of casual laid-back appeal. It’s a little less obviously retro than the Pacifico or Cookie fonts, so it can easily be used for a wide variety of brands.

Choose this font to create attention-grabbing headlines that are still clean and super legible.


Lobster Two Divi Fonts, Google Script Fonts



Leckerli One:


This curvy thick script font is the perfect way to inject a fun playful atmosphere into headlines and sub-headings. Does your brand or site have a light-hearted, approachable feel? Try brightening it up even more with a shot of Leckerli One! Just keep in mind that this script font performs best when used for a few short words rather than longer titles.


Leckerli One Google Script Font




The Top 5 Most Popular Divi Fonts on Google Fonts:


And of course, no review of Divi fonts would be complete without giving you a list of some of the most popular ones.


Whether you want to find a sure bet font for your site or want to avoid the most widely used fonts and choose a unique option, this list of popular Google fonts can help.

So without further ado, here are some of the most popular Google fonts (according to current Google Fonts Analytics)

you’ll find on Divi:




Roboto regularly tops the list of most loved Google fonts. In fact, it’s currently featured in over 21,000,000 websites. That’s probably because it balances a geometric modern style with casual rounded features. If you’re looking for a fail-safe font for your Divi site, you can’t go wrong with this choice.


Roboto Divi Fonts, Popular Google Script Fonts



Open Sans:


Not only is Open Sans the default Divi font, it’s also one of the most popular Google fonts ever. Open Sans has been specially optimized for legibility on the web. So if you’ve got a text-heavy site, this highly readable font will definitely improve your site visitors’ experience.


Open Sans Divi Fonts Ideas





I’ve mentioned Lato as a firm favorite for a modern font, but it’s also an all-round workhorse. Use it in headings for an understated look or try it in body text for a stylish, legible effect. If you choose to go with this balanced and minimal font, you’ll be in good company. You’ll find Lato being used on over 10,000,000 websites.


Lato Divi fonts, Google font



Slabo 27px:


Need an awesome serif font to use on your Divi website? Look no further than Slabo 27px! This font is ideal if you want nice, clear, impossible-to-ignore serif headlines. In fact, it was originally designed to be used in online ads.

Wondering what font size works best with Slabo 27px? The name says it all. This font was actually fine-tuned to display best at 27px.


Slabo, Most Popular Google Fonts on Divi



Source Sans Pro:


Source Sans Pro is a sans serif font that was designed specifically with UI in mind. So it’s no surprise that it’s extremely clear and easy on the eyes. With 12 styles to choose from and pleasantly rounded, legible letters, it’s a solid font choice for any site.


Source Sans Pro Divi Fonts




The Wrap-up:


Typography makes a real difference to your website’s appearance and functionality. But picking from the more than 900 Google fonts available on Divi is no walk in the park.


When choosing fonts from Divi’s text module options, focus on both your brand’s style and your audience’s needs.


Whether you’re looking for something sleek and minimal or formal and elegant, remember to keep legibility high on your list of priorities.


After all, it doesn’t matter how gorgeous a font is, if it’s difficult for your audience to read.


Fortunately, Divi’s integration with Google fonts means you can pick from hundreds of options that are both beautifully designed AND highly readable.


Hopefully, this quick guide has helped save you some time in finding amazing Divi fonts to bring your brand and content to life.


Got a few Divi fonts faves you’d love to recommend? We’d love to hear about ‘em!


Share with us in the comments down below!