Catchy Headlines: 5 Blog Title Secrets for Tons of Traffic!

Catchy headlines are the most powerful way to ensure that people read and share your blog posts.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people will read your headline, but only 2 out of 10 will actually read your whole blog post?

So if you’re taking the time to create value-packed posts, and then just slapping any old blog title on them–you’re missing out on tons of traffic.

Write a catchy headline that gets attention and clicks, and you’re way more likely to grow your blog.

Why Are Catchy Headlines So Important?   

Catchy Headlines List, Blog Titles Examples


Your blog post’s headline has just one job — to grab your readers’ attention. It gets the ball rolling and entices them into reading the 1st line.

Once that happens, momentum has built, and they’re more likely to read the rest of your post.

Think about this:

-Your blog title makes up 50% of your blog post’s total effectiveness.

Blog titles are like salespeople for your posts. They advertise your content’s value and convince people to click.

-A powerful blog title can get you 500% more pageviews. Woohoo!

– With so much content online, you only get one chance at attracting potential readers. Your blog title is the best way to make the most of that chance.


Catchy Headlines that Get Clicks, Guide


So here’s the deal:

You might be pouring your heart and soul into crafting fantastic blog posts that truly help your readers.

But without an awesome blog title, your post probably won’t get the clicks, reads, or shares it deserves.

Still, writing good headlines can be a struggle. What tone works best? What’s the best blog title length? Should you use numbers?

That’s why, in this guide, I’ll be breaking down the characteristics of catchy headlines. Plus, we’ll look at how you can easily craft irresistible headlines with a few simple formulas.

With these tips, you’ll be able to create attention-grabbing, catchy headlines that work — Every. Single. Time.


So without further ado, here are my very best headline writing tips!

Catchy Headline Writing Tips to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic:


1. Use Numbers in Your Headlines:

 Did you know that headlines with specific numbers in them are 36% more popular?

And research shows that using numbers in your headlines can improve your click and engagement rates by 73%.


Our brains LOVE numbers.

Check out the cover of any magazine and you’ll notice plenty of numbered headlines.

That’s because specific numbers help us process information more quickly and clearly. So stick a number in your blog titles for more clicks and shares!

Make sure you use a numeral rather than typing out the number, as this is shorter and more eye-catching.

And aim to use an odd number when you do. Studies show that the human mind actually finds odd numbers more trustworthy.

Here are some examples of catchy headlines with numbers to try:

-7 Ways to Skyrocket Your___

-15 Tricks to___(You Won’t Believe #11!)

-3 Experts Reveal Their___Secrets

These headlines work because not only are numbers eye-catching, they represent very specific information. Which leads us to the second tip:


2. Get Super Specific in Your Headlines:

Write headlines that speak to one specific problem or question your readers have.

For example, instead of writing: “7 Tips to Style Your Website” Write: “7 Ways to DIY a Professional-looking Site( for Newbies)”

Notice the difference?

The first headline is way too broad to urgently appeal to people with a specific concern.

It’s trying to be all things to all people, so it’s unlikely to have an impact.


But the second headlines says: “Hey, I know you’re specifically worried about your site not looking professional enough. Here’s how to solve that.”

This headline is anything but vague. It tells the reader exactly what they’ll learn if they click through.

If someone is searching for ways to DIY a professional-looking site, but they’re a tech-newbie, which blog title do you think they’d click?

The specific headline would win hands-down, right?


How to Write a Super-Specific Catchy Headline

So how do your write a super-specific headline?

Start by writing down the problem or question your blog post addresses.

Then write out as many headings as you can that respond to this exact problem or question.

You can also plug the problem or question your post answers into a blog title generator. A good title generator will help you come up with even more specific headline ideas.

Pick the headline that answers this issue in the most direct, specific way possible. That’s your winner.

Here are some examples of specific headlines:  

-5 Ways to Start a Web Design Business From Home

-The Steps 3 Pro Bloggers Took to Launch Successful Courses

-How This Newbie Built a Professional Landing Page in an Hour

Notice how these headlines all answer a particular question or solve a problem.

If you really focus in on how your post helps your readers, writing specific headlines will be a breeze.

Catchy Headlines List, Blog Titles Examples

3. Write Headlines that Promise New or Unique Information:   

How many times have you read a post that ended up giving you information you already had?

Pretty disappointing, right?

There’s so much content out there that a lot of articles offer the same old rehashed tips.

So readers have gotten savvy. They’re not going to click on a blog post unless they see some indication that it will provide them with new knowledge.

A great headline is the only way to let readers know that your posts are full of valuable content.

They do this by indicating to readers that your post:

*can help them with an issue

*will tell or teach them something they’ve never read before

*can give them a competitive advantage

*will help them do something better, faster, or more easily  

Examples of catchy headlines that do this include:

-The Easiest Way to____ That You’ve Never Tried

-Give Me 15 Minutes & I’ll Teach You ____

-The #1 ____Trick that Experts Won’t Tell You About

-(#) Sneaky Ways to ____ Better

-(#)Weird Ways to ____ (That Really Work!)

All of these powerful blog titles work because they offer your readers fresh, inside information.

Readers won’t be able to resist clicking, because they can tell your post will teach/show them something they’ve never seen.

No one wants to miss out on useful tricks or secrets.


This catchy headline trick works especially well when you’re writing a post about a commonly covered topic.

In a super-saturated niche, you absolutely NEED a convincing headline to help your blog post stand out.

If you’re offering readers knowledge they won’t find elsewhere, make sure your headline tells them that!


4. Put Some FOMO in Your Headlines:

Some of the most attention-grabbing headlines work by using one simple trick: creating a sense of urgency.

This headline writing tip is a great way to get more clicks and readers for your blog posts.

Let potential readers know that they definitely don’t want to miss out on your content.

When you use words like “Secret”, “Trick”, or “Solution”, this immediately piques readers’ curiosity.

These words indicate that there’s important info they need but don’t know about in your content.

You could even go further by hinting that others know this information and that they’re missing out.

This creates the FOMO or fear of missing out effect and gets lots of clicks.

An example would be: “What Only the Pros Know About ___”.


Another tactic that creates an overwhelming sense of urgency is hinting that the reader may be unknowingly making some kind of mistake.

You know those blog posts with titles like “Are you unknowingly paying too much for___?” Or “Top 5 Keto Diet Blunders: You’re Probably Making #3 Right Now” ?

Those articles always get tons of traffic, simply because no one likes feeling they could unwittingly be making a mistake.

You can also add words and phrases like “now” or “before it’s too late” to your blog titles.

This gives readers the feeling that your content is time-sensitive and convinces them to click right away.

Some headlines that effectively create urgency include:

-Do this One Thing Now, to Save Your ____

-Don’t Know What____Is? You’re Missing Out On ____

-Are You Making These 5 Common____ Mistakes?

-Learn the Secret to_____ Now


5. Create Catchy Headlines with Power Words:

Some of the best headlines have just one thing in common: They contain words that people react to instinctively.

These are what we call power words and phrases.

Copywriters, marketers, and bloggers use these words over and over again, in everything from blog titles to calls-to-action.


Because they REALLY work.


Power words capture people’s attention and get them to take action by appealing to their emotions.

So if you find yourself clicking on a certain site’s content all the time, their secret might be power word-packed headlines!

How Power Words Work:

Humans are emotional beings.

We tend to process, remember, and react to information that inspires feelings.

Adding a sprinkling of power words to a headline can instantly transform a dull topic into a gripping must-read.


So by now, you’re probably thinking “What are these amazing words and can I have the complete list now?”.

Well, the truth is, there are literally hundreds of power words and phrases out there.

So instead of inundating you with every single one, I’ve curated my favorite power words for headlines into a handy list.

Power Words List for Catchy Headlines:

  • You

(Note: I’ve found “you” to be the most potent of all power words, because everyone likes to be addressed directly. Adding “you” in a headline encourages readers to pay attention because the headline is about them.)

Power Words for Urgent Headlines:

  • Grab
  • Get
  • Limited
  • Only
  • Last
  • Now
  • Need
  • Quickly
  • Everyone
  • Secret
  • Almost
  • Before
  • Late
  • Today

Power Words for Solutions-Based Headlines:

  • Proven
  • Guaranteed
  • Easy
  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Painless
  • Solve/Solution
  • Free
  • Double
  • Profit
  • Unlimited
  • Instantly
  • Increase
  • Transform
  • Improve
  • Increase

Power Words for Headlines Promising New or Unique Information:

  • Unique
  • First
  • Unknown
  • Weird
  • Discover
  • Try
  • Brilliant
  • Tip
  • Trick
  • Shock/Shocking
  • Stunning
  • Genius
  • Latest
  • New
  • Learn
  • Find

Some Headlines that Use Power Words Well:  

-This Genius ___Trick Will Shock You

-Find Out Why Everyone____

-5 ___Habits You Need to Start Right Now

-Steal This Secret Trick to ___

-How to Easily Create a Stunning ____ for Free!

-7 ___Tips You Need to Try Today

-15 ___That Will Transform Your___

-Proven ____ Strategies that Will Improve Your ___

A quick note about power words, though: As you can tell, these words spark emotion by promising readers something epic.

Make sure your actual blog post delivers.

If your title promises “11 shocking marketing secrets”, your content really has to come through.

While it’s tempting to randomly add power words to get more clicks, it’s essential to back up your headline’s claim with content that  justifies it.


21 Catchy Headlines Blog Title Examples 

The Wrap-Up:

Catchy headlines are your number one tool for getting clicks, reads, and shares.

Because of this, they’re an absolutely essential step in getting more blog traffic and building your brand.

If you’re writing amazing in-depth posts that don’t get the attention they deserve, bland blog titles may to be blame.

The good news is that crafting catchy headlines doesn’t have to be a difficult process.

You can use the tips above to easily create powerful, gripping headlines that readers can’t help clicking.

Make sure your headlines are specific (and numbered, if possible), promise unique information, and contain emotional power words.

And most importantly, focus on your audience.


The best way to write great blog titles is to ask yourself how your blog post helps your reader.

Does your content help them solve a common problem, do something, faster, better, or more easily?

Highlight this benefit in your headline and you’re well on your way to creating a must-click catchy headline.

And the more you craft clickable headlines, the more traffic your blog will rake in!


Want a little extra help? No problem.

Grab my list of ultra-powerful catchy headlines, plus downloadable PDF blog title worksheets!  


Writing Catchy Headlines, Worksheet with Blog Title Examples


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Catchy Headlines, Blog Title Generator Worksheet 

These PDFs will help you quickly generate dozens of click-worthy headlines to save and use for all your posts.

Got any go-to tips for writing catchy headlines that convert?

Share them below!