We reached out to Freshly Ground Content for well-researched marketing blog posts, and we’re glad we did. Every piece was engaging, useful, and laser-targeted to appeal to our readers. We’ve seen readership and social shares go up, with a corresponding rise in high quality leads.


CEO, Jane Folds Five


Need content that speaks to your audience? I write value-packed blog posts, email marketing content, and lead magnets for digital marketing and tech businesses.  

From the art and science of  crafting a high-converting landing page to the best tactics for A/B testing everything –I’ve got your marketing content covered. 


Great content is pointless if it doesn’t get in front of the right eyes. That’s why I go beyond crafting content. 

As a HubSpot certified Inbound and content marketing professional, I amplify your content across the channels your audience is most likely to view. 

Whether it’s turning blog posts into an awesome email series or connecting with your prospects through social media posts, I ensure each piece works hard for your business.


Let’s drill down and get to the results! Without numbers to back it up, marketing can end up being a guessing game.  

While I consider myself a digital creative, I’m also obsessed with ensuring a data-driven approach. My penchant for testing everything from headlines to CTA button text and color means you get real results.