The Best WordPress Plugins Your Site Needs Now


Find the best WordPress plugins for your site!

WordPress is pretty awesome all on its own…but the fact that you can use WordPress plugins with it makes it EPIC!

The best WordPress plugins are kind of like the icing on your blog cake.

They help take your site from so-so to straight-up irresistible.

Whether you want to extend your site’s functionality or improve its style, plugins can do it all.

There are plugins for every possible feature, function, or look you want to add to your site.

And most of these plugins are install-it-and-forget-it deals, so you get all the benefits, minus the hard work.

In this list, I’m going to go through the best WordPress plugins to help you grow, protect, and enhance your site.


best WordPress plugins for blogs


1. The Best WordPress Plugin for Contact Forms:


Best WordPress Plugins, Contact Form 7 Plugin

The Contact Form 7 Plugin


Getting lots of traffic to your blog is awesome.

IF you can convert those visitors into leads and sales for your business, that is.

The easiest way to turn visitors into customers is by making yourself easy to reach.

That’s why having a contact form on your site is an essential step in taking your blog from hobby to full-time hustle.

But while WordPress comes packed with plenty of features, a ready-made contact form isn’t one of them.

No worries, though.

With the Contact Form 7 plugin, a fully functional contact form can be yours in minutes.

No messing around with complicated code to create a contact form from the ground up.

You simply copy and paste the shortcode the plugin provides, and you can have a great contact form on any page of your site!

No wonder this free WordPress plugin is one of the most downloaded plugins ever.

I consider it one of the best WordPress plugins for contact forms, for some very good reasons:

Plugin Benefits:   

-It’s been installed on over 5 million sites to date. That’s a pretty good indication that this plugin is secure and easy to use.

(Read this post on why I always recommend checking a plugin’s popularity before installing it!)

-While other WordPress contact form plugins require some legwork, Contact Form 7 makes the process super simple.

As soon as you install and activate the plugin, you’re provided with a short code that creates a ready-made contact form you can add to any area of your site.

What could be easier?

-Plus, the plugin offers forms with fields covering everything from basic name and email address to quizzes and reCAPTCHA options.

Want to ward off contact form spam?

The Contact Form 7 plugin has solid anti-spam capabilities.

Want to track submissions of forms with Google Analytics?

Contact Form 7 can do that too.

With tons of premium-level features for free, this is one of the best WordPress plugins for contact forms.

2. The Best WordPress Plugin for Compressing and Optimizing Images: 


Best WordPress Plugins, WP Smush Image Compression and Optimization Plugin

The WP Smush Image Compression and Optimization Plugin


It’s practically a rule of blogging — the more gorgeous images on your blog, the better.

That’s because high-quality images are the best way to capture and keep your visitors’ attention. Think of some of your favorite blogs.

You probably remember the awesome images they feature as much as the actual blog posts.

But tons of appealing, high-resolution images can also equal irritatingly slow load times for your blog.

And that’s where the WP Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin comes in:

This fantastic free plugin helps keep your site ultra-fast by automatically compressing and optimizing your images for you.

Plugin Benefits:

-The WP Smush plugin works equally well for JPEG, GIF, and PNG images. Even better, it does so automatically. No more fiddling around with image compressing tools for hours.

-You can “bulk smush” up to 50 images at once, allowing you to compress everything in one go.

-You can also set up maximum width and height settings, so larger images will automatically be scaled when uploaded to your site.

-It’s insanely easy to use. Forget about figuring out complex settings. WP Smush does all of the leg work for you.

-It’s a firm WordPress favorite, with over a million active installs and 5 out of 5 ratings.

If you’re looking for the best WordPress plugin for image compression and optimization, then you really need to check out WP Smush.

3. The Best WordPress Plugin for Preventing Spam: 


The Best WordPress Plugins for Your Blog, Antispam bee plugin

The Antispam Bee Plugin


Ugh, comment spam. It’s the bane of every blogger’s existence.

There’s nothing that screams “abandoned blog” like a comment section stuffed full of spam.

And nothing scares away genuine readers faster, either.

Even worse, as your blog grows, you’ll likely have even more spam comments to contend with.

But even with a smaller blog, manually reviewing, deleting, and blocking spam contents could take up hours of your time.

Luckily, there are WordPress plugins designed to take care of this problem for you — almost completely hands-free.

But while every standard WordPress install comes with a pre-loaded anti-spam plugin, that’s not necessarily your best option.

A lot of blog owners now recommend the free Antispam Bee plugin as the best WordPress plugin for preventing spam comments.

Plugin Benefits:  

-This plugin has over 200,000 installs to date and is way easier to activate than similar plugins. No need to get a code or register — just install, activate, and go.

Antispam Bee starts fighting comment spam the second it’s been activated.

-To give you the highest level of spam protection, this plugin offers tons of settings options.

Whether you want it to match commenters against an anti-spam database or validate IP addresses, just set it and forget it

-But its ease of use and high level protection aren’t the only reasons to love this plugin.

Many other anti-spam plugins process user data externally, making them unsuitable for GDPR-compliant blogs.

If you have blog readers in Europe or just want to be on the safe side of the new GDPR regulations, the Antispam Bee plugin is your best bet.

That’s because, as well as being seriously tough on comment spam, this plugin is 100% GDR compliant.

Not too shabby, right?

4. The Best WordPress Plugin for eCommerce:   


Best WordPress Plugins for Your Site, WooCoomerce Plugin, eCommerce

The WooCommerce Plugin


Want to sell on your site?

Offering products or services for sale is the fastest, most powerful way to monetize your blog.

Confused about how to make it happen?

Look no further than the super-popular free WooCommerce plugin.

Whether you want to sell physical products or digital subscriptions and downloads, this eCommerce plugin makes it insanely easy.

Plugin Benefits:

– WooCommerce has over 4 million active installations currently. It also powers over 42% of all online stores, so you know it’s a solid choice.

And as one of the most popular eCommerce plugins, it boasts a huge and helpful support community.

You’ll never have to worry about running into a glitch or issue you can’t solve. With excellent free support, documentation, and active forums, you’re guaranteed to find the answers to your questions.

-A lot of eCommerce plugins limit you to selling either physical or digital products.

But WooCommerce’s tagline is “Sell Anything, Anywhere” and it’s absolutely true.

With WooCommerce, you can sell tangible goods (like clothing, furniture etc.) or digital products (like ebooks, subscriptions, and online courses). It also offers functionality for affiliate products.

This makes it the best eCommerce WordPress plugin for practically any type of business model!

-You’ll find that many eCommerce plugins offer limited theme options. But WooCommerce has tons of theme choices, so you can achieve the exact look you want for your online store. Plus, I often use the popular Divi theme for my WordPress clients’ sites and WooCommerce integrates with it beautifully.

-And most importantly, WooCommerce makes it ridiculously easy for you to get paid. With in-built support for the most widely used payment gateways and options to add less well-known ones, your customers will never struggle to buy.

These are just some of the reasons I always recommend WooCommerce to eCommerce clients looking for the best WordPress plugins options.

5. The Best WordPress Plugin for 404 Errors:


Best WordPress Plugins for 404 Errors, Redirection Plugin

The Redirection Plugin


Ever clicked a link expecting to see great content and got hit with an Error 404 Not Found instead?

What happened next? I’m willing to bet you left the site altogether and searched elsewhere for that content.

It’s a cold, hard fact: Users don’t like 404 errors and neither does Google.

So if your site has a large number of 404s, you could be losing readers and lowering your site’s SEO ranking!

Yikes, right?

But don’t panic. As with all things WordPress, there’s a nifty plugin for that.

Let me introduce you to one of the best WordPress plugins for dealing with 404 errors.

The Redirection plugin works by creating a 301 redirect for you.

301 redirects steer your users away from moved/no longer existing pages and point them to relevant pages instead.

So instead of getting a frustrating error message, your readers will actually see helpful content.

Redirects are super useful when:

*You delete pages or posts.

*You change the permalinks of your posts or pages.

The Redirection plugin helps you track down any 404 errors on your site.

You can then use it to easily create 301 redirects for those missing or moved resources.

Plugin Benefits:

-The redirection plugin is one of the most widely used 404 error plugins. It has over a million active installs, a 4 out of 5 rating, and a solid 10 year history. It also boasts active and helpful support.

-It’s designed for sites of all sizes. Whether you need just a few or tons of redirects, Redirection has your back.

-You can set up the Redirection plugin to create automatic redirects any time you change a post/page’s permalinks.

With easy install and redirects, the Redirection plugin tops the list of the best WordPress plugins for 404 errors.

The Takeaway:


When it comes to WordPress, the best way to level up your site is by using quality plugins.

The right WordPress plugins can extend your site’s functionality, make it more appealing to visitors, and ensure more engagement.

But with thousands to choose from in the official directory alone, it’s important not to clog up your site by installing too many.

That’s why in this list, I’ve narrowed it down to only the most popular, secure, and useful plugins.

The plugins in this list will help you grow your blog, banish spammers, improve your Google ranking, and sell more.

Hopefully, this post has helped you find some great, trustworthy options for your WordPress site. Be sure to let me know how using them improves your site for you!

What are some of your choices for the best WordPress plugins?