How to Backup Your WordPress Site


Wondering how to backup your WordPress site?


Regularly backing up your WordPress site is one of the best ways to keep its contents secure.


Backups ensure that all of the hard work you’ve poured into perfecting your site won’t disappear at the first sign of hardware problems, site deletion, or malware issues.


But while most website owners recognize that backing up their sites is essential, they dread the thought of spending hours trying to figure out the process.


Sound familiar? Then this post is for you.


In this short tutorial, I’m going to show you how to backup your WordPress site in minutes.


This method is secure, free, and fast, so you can get back to the other hundred things on your blogging to-do list.


Let’s get started:


The Easiest Way to Backup Your WordPress Site:


While WordPress has plenty of built-in one-click solutions, automatic backups aren’t one of them.


Luckily, there are several excellent plugins that make it super simple to backup your WordPress website.


Today, we’ll be using the UpdraftPlus backup plugin. This free plugin is easy to use and has over a million active installs to date.


UpdraftPlus is a popular backup solution as it allows you to create manual or automatic site backups and restore your site in just a couple of clicks.


How to Backup Your WordPress Site With the UpdratfPlus Plugin:  


1. You’ll need to install the free UpdraftPlus plugin first. To do this, head to your WordPress admin area ( Here, select Plugins > Add New.


How to backup your WordPress site


2.  In the “Add Plugins” area, type “UpdraftPlus” into the search bar in the top-right corner of the screen. This will bring up several search results. Choose the UpdraftPlus plugin and click “Install Now”.


How to backup your WordPress blog


3. The plugin will now automatically install. You’ll see an “Installing” message as it does. Once it’s successfully installed, the “Installing” message will read “Activate”. Click “Activate”.


backup my WordPress site


backing up a WordPress site


4. After UpdraftPlus has been activated, you’ll be taken back to the plugins area. Here, scroll down and you’ll see that the UpdraftPlus plugin has been added to your list of installed plugins.

Now, it’s time to select your automatic backup schedule and the location you’d like your backups stored to. Head to the “Settings” tab to the left of your screen and Click “UpdraftPlus Backups”.


backing up your blog


5. This will take you to the UpdraftPlus Backups page. Here, click the “Settings” tab at the top of the page.


best way to backup a WordPress website


6. This will pull up options for scheduling your site’s backups. Start by selecting your preferred backup schedules for your WordPress site’s files. These include your WordPress themes, uploads, images etc.


You can choose between automatic daily, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly backups. You can also choose more frequent backups such as every 4, 8, or 12 hours.


So how often should you backup your WordPress site?  


That depends on how frequently you update or add content to your site.


If you’re regularly adding new content to your site daily, daily backups may be your best bet.


If, on the other hand, you only add new content to your site once a week, weekly backups should be enough.


You’ll also be prompted to choose how many scheduled backups you’d like to retain.


Backup your WordPress site with UpdraftPlus plugin


7. Next, you’ll need to choose how often you’d like your site’s database backed up. Your database includes content like site pages, blog posts, settings, and more.


Once you’ve selected your preferred schedule for automatic database backups, go ahead and choose how many of those backups you’d like to retain.


Free WordPress backups with UpdraftPlus


8. Now that you’ve selected your backup schedule, it’s time to choose the remote location you’d like those backups stored to.


Because it’s risky to store your backups in the same location as your site, UpdraftPlus allows you to choose from over a dozen remote storage locations.

These include Dropbox, Google Cloud, Google Drive, Microsoft Drive, email, and more.


Backup your WordPress Site fast


9. You can select any storage option you’d like and then follow the setup instructions that appear. For this tutorial, I’ll show you how to set up Dropbox as the remote storage location for your backups.


To do this, click on the Dropbox icon. Then scroll down and review your settings options. Check any items you’d like included.


Backup your WordPress Site easily


Backup your WordPress site with a plugin


10. Now scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Save Changes”.


Backing up your WordPress blog



11. A pop-up will appear asking you to follow a link to authorize access to your Dropbox account. Click to follow the link.


backup Your WordPress site with Dropbox


12. Sign in and authorize UpdraftPlus to access your Dropbox. This will redirect you to the UpdraftPlus site.

Here, click the “Complete Set Up” button.


13. You’ll be redirected back to your WordPress site. At the bottom of the UpdraftPlus settings page, click “Save Changes”.


And that’s all there is to it! You now have an automatic backup schedule to keep your site’s contents safe.


The UpdraftPlus plugin will create scheduled backups of your site and send them to your Dropbox (or other preferred location) without you having to lift a finger.


How to Manually Backup Your WordPress Site:


Updraft Plus is great at automatically creating backups of your site, according to your preferred schedule. But it also makes manually backing up your site anytime a breeze.


To manually backup your site:


1. Head to “Settings” and click “UpdraftPlus Backups”.


How to backup your WordPress site


2.  Then click “Backup Now”.


How to manually backup your WordPress site


3. A pop-up will appear, asking you whether you’d like your site’s database and files to be included in the backup and where you’d like the backup to be stored.


Here, select your preferred options and click “Backup Now”.


create a manual backup of your WordPress blog


4. Now UpdraftPlus will begin backing up your site. Once your backup is created, UpdraftPlus will send it to your chosen remote storage location for you.


Make a backup of your WordPress site


After the process is complete, log in to your preferred remote storage location and check to see that your WordPress site backup is there.


Congratulations! You’ve just created a manual backup of your site.


While your site will continue to be backed up automatically, according to your chosen schedule, you can always make a quick manual backup anytime you choose.


Backup Your WordPress Site in Minutes 


Now that you know how to easily backup your WordPress site, there’s really no excuse for skipping this critical step.


After you’ve set it up, UpdraftPlus fully automates the backup process for you.


Still, it’s always a good idea to go in and check out the backups it creates every once in a while.


And if you ever want to change your schedule or backup storage location, just head to the settings tab and adjust accordingly.


Have any questions about how to backup your WordPress site?


Let me know in the comments below!